2022 OBX Bike Fest

  “I want to thank all the people that made the very first OBX Bike Fest a success.” ~Terry Gray

The Kids of Dare County were the winners!

Thank You!

The many people that played an active part in this event are to be commended. I thank each and every one of you, I would like say this event was huge. The reason is because of even with the hiccups, even with the missteps and the bit of disorganization that slipped in, the Kids of Dare County were the winners!

And believe me, the Children are the main thing, the need to help them is the part that is important, they are the much bigger picture than me, or any one person. They are why we all come together to make this happen.


OBX Bike Rally

Thanks for your support!

From the many volunteers, the outstanding vendors, the contributors and the behind the scenes friends that dropped everything to make this happen, it is because of you-the kids WIN!

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